Local Grief Retreat for women

Path Forward Grief Retreat

I could not be prouder to officially announce this upcoming grief retreat. For years I’ve heard from women looking for an event like this and the timing is finally right to offer it.

I invite you to take a look, share with the women in your life who are in all stages of grief. We will honor them and love them.

Path Forward Grief Retreat

The Path Forward retreat is a single day retreat in a peaceful, converted barn, less than 1 hour from the Twin Cities. Providing the perfect scenery for healing, reflection, and hope. 


We invite you to gather with other women who are in all stages of grief. Each of us grieving loved ones, coming together to honor, heal, and hear stories of loss and hope. Get ready for real talk about the stages of grief. Learn how those stages look different for women and how to recognize them and cope with each one in real life.

The Path Forward retreat offers the gift of both a welcoming space and a change of scenery; here you can openly grieve, rest, and connect. You will go home with real life tools to help you during your day to day life and when waves of grief hit extra hard.

So many of us are treated as wounded by those we love after we experience loss, leaving us feeling like we’re being tiptoed around or excluded altogether. It’s hard to speak our truest feelings, fears, regrets, and even hopes to those who know us best.

Others of us are surrounded by people who are also grieving, or those who do not understand our grief at all. It is vital to find a place where you can let your guard down and know you won’t be judged by grieving too much or too little, too quickly or too long.

Saturday, October 15, 2022    10am – 4pm.

*Purchase your ticket online now.  *Tickets will not be sold at the door, advance online tickets will be required.


The day will include:

  • a morning speaker session
  • healing art project that even the non-artsy people will enjoy
  • guest speaker(s)
  • delicious lunch provided on site
  • an afternoon speaker session
  • a grief journal and time to write.
  • walking paths, large oak trees to sit under during breaks. Time to think and feel, reflect, or talk with others.


You can read all about the retreat here:


Not local? – you are welcome to join us in our free facebook group.  We will be announcing some online offerings this fall!


Who is this retreat for?

  • Women who have lost a spouse, a parent, a loved one.
  • Women who are in any stage of grief and looking for tools to help cope and community to talk with, learn from, and share your experience and hopes with.
  • Introverts or Extroverts. We’ve designed this retreat with all women in mind. There will be no pressure to stand up and talk in front of others, or greet your neighbors. You will have the opportunity during breaks to chat with others or to have quiet reflection time.
  • Be open to learning new coping tools; such as breathing techniques, touch points, and more.

Who is this retreat NOT for?

  • It is vital that we all be able to hold space for others in the group, women from all walks of life, backgrounds, colors, sizes, ages, and sexual orientation. If you are not able to do treat others as you wish to be treated, then this retreat will not be a good fit for you.
  • Men and children – we will have other offerings in the future that will include Men.  We have tailored this retreat specifically towards women, men may not get as much out of it.
  • It is important for all women to feel what they share during this retreat will be kept confidential, especially if you know them outside of this space. This retreat will not be a good fit for you if you are cannot respect their privacy and confidentiality.


About the hosts:

Gwen Wright

Gwen Wright lost her own husband unexpectedly in 2019. Left with 4 daughters to raise on her own and her busy store she owns in Osceola; Gwen deeply understands the real life balance between sitting in grief while also balancing the ongoing and continued needs of the world and family. She has openly shared her walk with grief, anger, hope, signs, and questions along the way. In 2021 Gwen trained and received her Grief Educator Certification from world renowned grief expert, David Kessler. Gwen is the founder of House of Girls.


Noelle Rollins

Noelle Rollins is an artist, writer, and master dreamer. In 2020 Noelle published her book, Sacred Hellos – messages from Heaven. This book is filled with stories about signs from spirit, Noelle’s walk with over a decade of grief after losing her mom, and is full of hope for those grieving. Noelle has a line of remembrance ornaments, artwork, and a newly launched hand painted casket and urn line. She infuses creativity and a positive energy into the deepest parts of grief and specializes in helping women pursue their dreams and live authentically.


The Path Forward Retreat is brought to you by:

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