Guess what, I’m writing a book and I’d love to include your stories

Guess what? I’m writing a book.

I’m writing a book that I would have loved to have received after my own experiences with loss. A book that is real, yet full of hope and honesty. I will talk about some of my own experiences, signs from spirit and what I’ve learned from others.  My intention is to have it easy to read, the type where you can go in any order through easy to ready chapters. It will have art too.

I’ve gifted myself the hours of 10-11pm each night to write. It truly has been a gift. My goal is 700 words written each night. Some nights I’ve written 400-500, others 1500.  It’s turned into a sacred time. There is magic in a quiet house.

I’ve always known I was going to write a book in some form. It feels so natural and as if it was perfectly planned that this is my next step.

My secret power is…  (sshhh, don’t tell)….  allowing myself to write as an artist. If you’re struggling with trying to make things too perfect.. try this. Write from the heart more than the brain.

Brilliant right?  No pressure to have everything perfectly polished, instead of getting stuck in my head with a false sense of pressure, I can simply write with feeling. It’s amazing the pressure this has taken off. I’ve actually been writing for over a decade intermixed with my art and I feel grateful it’s been received well, so I’m going to take that same attitude now. I’m convinced that I can’t worry about who will read it, if it will sell, instead I just need to dive in and pour my soul into it and give it all I’ve got.

I’ve talked with publishers and am still deciding if I want to self publish or used more of a hybrid publisher. We’ll see.  There seems to be advantages and disadvantages for each.  For right now I’m just focusing on the writing. Doing the work, using myself as a vessel to just get the words out and then let fate take it’s course a bit.

I do however want to include a few stories from you all. Do you have a story about a sign you’ve received?  You can either write it out and submit it or we can schedule a zoom or skype call and I’ll record the session and take notes from it, putting together your story into writing.  You can go here to submit your story!

I really believe the world needs to hear our stories. Stories from women, lightworkers, soulful and caring people. Mothers, daughters, dreamers, listeners.

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