Hang in there sweet girl

You feel alone, invisisble. You are wondering why these life tests keep coming. You my dear could’ve chosen a life destiny that allowed you to be simply happy and content. But instead my sweet girl, while in the safe, loving comfort of the other side you dared to go big. You chose a life filled with greatness. Your wisest self knew that you’d need to have some hard times so you could take those times and turn them into your destiny.  Into a life that is bigger and greater than you even dare to dream right now.  But to handle that greatness, you’d need to be tough, wise and resiliant.

So girl, keep your head up.  Listen to your wisest self, trust, rise, journal.  Keep on, then keep on some more.  Smile, learn, be. You girl are gonna be the the one they are talking about for years after your wise, gray self left this earth. 

You, even though you don’t see it right now, you inspire us. We see you. I see you. The real you, the soulful, powerful, resiliant, beautiful you.     ~Noelle