healthy boundaries = healthy relationships

I’ve been through some muck in my life, I’ve lived through times where I let people dictate how I spent my time, I spent all my energy trying to save, help and be there for others. Often with little appreciation or notice. After watching it in others it was a mirror that showed me how bad it was. I decided to take control and research everything I could on how to set healthy boundaries.

I learned some skills and a new mindset for how and when to say no or even, “that doesn’t work for me”.


I love to use my life experiences as teachable and helpful lessons for others so hopefully they don’t have to go through what I did.

I invite you to be a guest and listen in on a Free class I’ll be offering. You can dial in on your computer to listen or call in. Everyone who registers for the free call will be sent a recording of it, regardless if you were able to listen to the call live or not.

I will be talking about ways we can all surround ourselves with people that support us in our goals, say no when needed and help eliminate toxic relationships.

It’s a win – win.


You can sign up here: