Heart Projects

I feel called through every cell of my body to help women find their best, most authentic, loving selves here in my local community, through the United States and around the world.  Through my artwork I aim to inspire, uplift and encourage and when I can I collaborate with others that are making a difference in the world.

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working with women around Europe


Women coming together, rising above what the world “out there” tells us we have to be, what we can have, the connections we know and instead being the peace we seek.
 It’s about getting beneath the noise, hatred, politics and even religion and seeing each other as sisters; more alike than we are different.
Loving, expanding and seeking, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.  
It’s about learning to go into our hearts and feel those connections and trust them.  
It’s about knowing better and then raising our children to do the same. 


November 22, 2014 – Harmony Tour recap.

You can listen to me talk about the absolutely amazing time and success we had on our Harmony Tour over here on my radio show.  Scroll down to the October 27th, 2014 show titled; Harmony Tour Recap.   You can see some of the pictures here on my blog.

Divorce Manifesto button

Dear hearts, this Divorce manifesto has been created from my experience through the journey of divorce, healing and finding new love. I pass it along with love and wishes for healing to anyone going through a divorce.  You are free to download the manifesto, re-post and link to, share with friends that could use it.  I kindly ask you to link to me if you do post on your site, share the love.

It is perfect to print out and put up by your desk in the office, the kitched, the bathroom mirrow. Wherever you notice you are in need of a pick me up.  Love and light, Noelle

You can find the set of 3 printed manifestos here or the 4″x8″ download here.

free free printable divorce manifest for

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