Harmony Project – 2014

Thank you to my amazing sponsers:

Kathy Lawson, Nola Howe, Charity Huberty, Liv Lane, Angela Granquist, Marilyn Lattin, Doreen Halverson, Mary Welch, Sue and Darryl, and Patricia Erikson!   These beautiful women have donated $50 or more towards my journey on the Harmony Project.  Also a huge thank you to Bridget Schwebach, Linda Lundquist, Kathy Lawson, Alicia Maki and Joan Breen for selling harmony bracelets on my behalf.  So grateful.


November 22, 2014 – Harmony Tour recap.

You can listen to me talk about the absolutely amazing time and success we had on our Harmony Tour over here on my radio show.  Scroll down to the October 27th, 2014 show titled; Harmony Tour Recap.   You can see some of the pictures here on my blog.


August 27, 2014   – Harmony Tour Update

I have some major updates on the Harmony tour this October.   Due to the ongoing war, tension and safety concerns about traveling to Israel and Palestine at this time, it’s been decided by our tour organizers that it is not the right time to travel to this area.  Deep down I have trusted that if I am meant to serve and be safe then we will go, if there is a better way I can help at this time then I will trust that and we will not go.

When I heard the news of the trip changes, I will admit my heart sank.  A little of my ego saying, “but you waited so long for this…”, and knowing how much the women in this area could use the support of other women, and also a bit of fear that all of you that have donated towards this trip will be disappointed in me.

As I talked with organizers further however a peaceful surrendering occurred.  Knowing that what drew me to want to participate in the Harmony Tour in the first place is to create Harmony in the hearts of women throughout my personal circle, country and women around the world.  To help women learn to collaborate instead of compete. To help women come out of survival and into thriving.   Knowing how much this work has done for me personally I know that it will help women anywhere.

So here is the new plan.  Instead of delaying the trip again, there is an alternate trip planned.  There are women in Europe who have been asking us to come and help them in their communities, creating a sisterhood and help teach them skills to own and flourish in their personal and profession visions. As well as find their place and ways they can help give back in the world.   The details of this tour are still being put together so I don’t know too much more at this time, other than we will fly into Lisbon Portugal, and I’ve believe there is France, Germany and England on the schedule.

I have a few very personal thoughts on this.  1) It’s been my life long dream to go to these places, I never in a bazillion years would have guessed that by choosing to help and serve women in the Middle East it would lead to a change like this and present me with an opportunity to not only serve women in these new areas but also fulfill a lifelong dream of mine.    2) While I was excited to go to Israel and Palestine like I said, this new tour feels lighter  (and much safer) to me with all that is going on in those places.  This especially hits me hard when I think of  I feel a deep down trusting that since we aren’t going the timing just wasn’t right for us to make the difference we could have if we went now.  There may be more work to be done in the world, and collectively the more of us that are working towards peace, harmony and love the better for all.

I don’t know what the future holds for us going back to Israel and Palestine.  My hope is that I will someday still get to do that trip, to work with those women and to continue to serve in the ways the Lord sees fit in my life.    I truly hope that anyone who has donated towards this trip doesn’t feel like I (we) have let you down.  I guess choosing to go into a war torn country and make a difference, part of the risk is war stopping us from going in.   The women from our group who has been living in Israel and Palestine the last year preparing for this tour was still planning for us to all go as planned up until a few days ago.  However, it’s been much more traumatizing for her with the sirens and losing some people around her in the fighting.   So she’s made the decision to leave there herself as well and go back to Canada.  Please pray for her, and all the women in Israel and Palestine.

I will continue to keep everyone updated, I thank you for your support.   You can contact me through email or the contact page of this website if you have any other questions or comments.




Update – April 24, 2014

We got our Itinerary!!!   I love the theme for the trip:

This tour is an ongoing blossoming of harmonic energy between between the Western, Palestinian and Israeli women. Each one of us participating on this tour will see, feel, hear, taste and touch a broad view of life in this region. We will encounter the different energy vibrations that each stop-over lends to the “experience” of this part of the Middle East. The basis of this tour through sleeping in quaint accommodations; eating at local eatery’s; connecting heart to heart, soul to soul, with Palestinian and Israeli women in their homes with Harmony Circles; visiting sites that introduce us to our present times from the foundation of history that many of us have only read about; and many other goodies, is to have each of us immersed within this region as if you are a local resident, not just a tourist making a brief visit.
“History meets present day life” is the theme of this part of the project. We won’t understand the “buts” and resistance the Israeli and Palestinian women have until we experience first hand their lives as intimately as we can. We will see how similar in the end all of us are – our stories are the same, just a rearrangement of chapters and a different cover.

Update – March 6, 2014

This week I got to find out some updated information on our trip.  The Pope is visiting Israel in May, as it started to affect our plans the Braveheart Women made the call to honor what was best for all women involved and move the trip to another time.  The new trip time frame is 11 days during mid-October.  The good news is this gives me 1 extra month to finish fundraising.  I have just over $1500 left to raise at this point.  I feel SO grateful for every single person who has helped me get this far.  Every bracelet bought, every donation.  What amazes me is that is almost $8000 raised! Super amazing that besides one $200 donation, two $100 and a couple $50 donations the rest have been $5, $10 and $10 donations; that means there are around 150 women who are a part of this journey with me.  That is so beautiful.


Update – December 26, 2013 –

As the days grow closer my excitement continues to build.  With only 5 months until the first trip to Jerusalem I am starting to feel the reality of this journey, it’s purpose and all the people it will touch.  Already here in Minnesota I have begun hearing stories of women who have seen another woman wearing a harmony bracelet and that led to a conversation with them both realizing they knew me and/or are both supporting the same vision.

What is that vision?

Women coming together, rising above what the world “out there”

tells us we have to be, what we can have, the connections we know

and instead being the peace we seek.

It’s about getting beneath the noise, hatred, politics

and even religion and seeing each other as sisters;

more alike than we are different.

Loving, expanding and seeking

mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.  

It’s about learning to go into our hearts and

feel those connections and trust them.  

It’s about knowing better

and then raising our children to do the same. 


I am over 1/2 way to my goal now, I  have $4000 still to raise. To do this I am continuing to sell the beautiful Harmony Bracelets, At the end of January I will do one last Indiegogo fundraising effort, and I will have a huge garage sale in the spring with all funds raised going towards this project.  I am also researching ways for people to be able to donate airline miles towards my flight. (est. $1500). If you have any ideas or knowledge about this I’d love hear from you.

I have grown so much on this journey already, stepping outside of my comfort zone, asking for help. Recognizing the different we can make when we all work together. It’s been such a beautiful past year already and I continue to be amazed at the outpouring of love, support and rippling connection happening all around.  **Noelle

2014 Harmony Tour Details:

First, in order to catch you up fully let me rewind: In January 2009, my beautiful mother passed away unexpectedly. The years since then have been filled by every emotion possible. In addition to being an LPN at a nursing home for many years by mom later devoted years to raising all of us kids. This brought us all a closeness, a protectiveness and a loving admiration for her that we will cherish forever. One thing that I have taken from that experience is a hunger for finding a way for me to connect and help other women. I see and meet so many beautiful, loving women who volunteer to let their own needs take a back seat, their lives are spent lovingly making the lives better for everyone else around them. This can sometimes though make a woman feel out of touch or disconnected from the working world or feeling as if they are not sure how they can reconnect themselves and honor all of the skills they have learned over their lives. I want to be able to help more women find their inner spark again. I also long for a way to find middle ground in our country where every topic is instantly turned political and everyone takes sides. We’ve stopped listening to each other. Instead we spend our entire lives finding evidence to support our already decided positions. This reaffirms us and tells us we are right, they are wrong. Then nobody hears anything new. We are so much more powerful, intelligent and loving than that.

This leads me to today. I have an amazing opportunity to be a part of a project that is bigger than anything I could ever dream to accomplish on my own. It’s BIG people. Big and life changing.  In May, 2014 and May of 2015  I will join women from the western world as we unite with women from both Israel and Palestine.

During these trips we will follow in the footsteps of a smaller scale retreat that successfully took place in the fall of 2012, where a total of 33+ women from these 3 areas had breakthroughs, hugs, love and connection. While we are there our days will be filled with tears as the women allow their external shell to release and their internal light to emanate deeply into one another’s soul. They’re going to learn to release the pain that the other region has inflicted onto them for years. This is both emotional and cellular pain weighing heavily on them personally and regionally. We’re going to begin our celebrations as each woman is by now drained physically for letting so much go, yet on a soul level she’s vibrant and full of light. We’ll celebrate with dance, laughter, and more connecting. Sounds simple yet it’s full of science, love, spiritual connection and releasing layers of fears.

We will spend 10-12 days in the Israeli-Palestinian region.  We will travel from Dead Sea through to the Mediterranean meeting with numerous small groups of Palestinian and Israeli women in Harmony Circles.  This will be an intimate, soulful connection of women from each area and us from the western world all coming together as a sisterhood.
To help accomplish this, I have embarked on a tremendous fund raising effort over the past year. The final cost for me to do this will be over $9500. I am being called to be a part of this amazing, life changing project.  It completely aligns with my soul’s desire to help women both locally and around the world and I will come back from this experience with even great skills and a heart to be able to do more work here locally as well.

I ask that if you believe in me and this trip’s purpose resonates with you that you help make this possible for me by making a donation. I have some options set up.

  1. Donate.  You can use your credit card or paypal to read more and donate now through March 15th:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/harmony-tour-2014-building-a-sisterhood/x/698356
  2. Buy a gorgeous bracelet from me. These bracelets are beautiful and my hope is that each time you look at it you will feel the difference you’ve made. Each bracelet is $35 and comes in an organza bag and has a tag that tells about the project. These make a great gift also. This amount is not tax deductible since you will be getting a bracelet in return but all profits will go to this project. I will have limited designs of each one shown, if the one you order is sold out I will let you know and replace it with one here that is closest to what you order. 
  3. If you own a store, salon, boutique etc where women frequent and you would like to help sponsor this project let me know. I will be connecting with local businesses to sell bracelets; I will provide a basket to place near your register to sell 11 bracelets and will provide all information about the project to display. I will then be checking in with you bi-weekly. In exchange for this generous help I will add your store name to my own website.

Lastly, I have one favor to ask each of you whether you are able to contribute through a donation or not.  I ask you to pray for this project, my part in it and the group of women and their families and friends that it will positively affect, surrounding it with uplifting and positive energy.

Thank you, Noelle


Update. I wanted to share with you a photo from the April 2013 gathering. You can just see the joy in these ladies eyes.  I can’t wait to meet them and the hundreds more that will be there when I go next year.



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