Holidays and Grief Free online event

A few weeks ago I co-hosted an in-person grief retreat. It was such a special experience, we hosted around 40 women and spoke openly and vulnerably about grief, loss, learned from guest experts, and listened to one another’s stories. We got such great feedback from the attendees that we knew we needed to do more.

noelle and gwen on stage at grief event

Noelle and Gwen at the in-person Grief Retreat in fall of 2022


Big News!

Our next event is online so more people can attend!

help for grief

We invite you to gather with other women and men who are in all stages of grief for this online event. Learn tips and tools for getting through the holidays while grieving the loss of your loved one.

The first family get-together’s, shopping for gifts, the quiet times at night between events…. there are so many times grief can visit. Even in years 2, 3, and more… things still creep up that throw us for a loop.

Deciding which events to take part in, which traditions continue on and which are let go… it can feel like never-ending grief and uncertainty. During this weekend of events you’ll learn tools and hear ideas to help you plan, get honest about what you really need, and surround yourself with support to do the holidays in a way that nurtures your truest needs. You will be more equipped to grieve as little or as much as you need and set yourself up for less surprises.

You are not alone, finding a community of others who are also grieving can be a lifeline that makes everything about grief a bit gentler. We are proud to bring this community to you so you don’t have to search out where to find other’s who “get” what you’re going through.


I invite you to register and join us. You can find more info and register here.



Here are a few more photos from our past event. Hopefully you can join us in the future when we gather in person again.


It’s been a long 13+ years since my mom passed away, it is surreal to imagine that amount of time without her and also feels like just yesterday she was here. Grief is messy, it’s not easy, it never fully goes away.  Thank you to you that have been there for me in different parts of those years, I’m forever grateful to you.  It feels good to be able to turn around and find a way to give back to those who are now walking that path and share bits of what I’ve learned and also continue to learn right alongside everyone else.