How many nurses do you know? My most important art yet…

nurse on front lines

Earlier this week I sent a text message checking in with my sisters, they are both nurses.

One sister works in more of a clinical setting, the other is working on the front lines in the VA hospital.  We talked about our fears right now, a mental health check between the three of us, our families and kids and how they are all handling everything.  I asked them both if they have enough PPE (Personal protective equipment). For now they both do.

My sister sent me a photo of her in her full protective dressing. Even though I know what she does, it brought tears to my eyes.  This sister, this mother of 5 is showing up day after day and selflessly going where she is needed.  She’s truly the hero all of us should aspire to be.

I sat with her hours and hours last month as we sat with our Grandpa during his final days. I watched her translate the medical speak into language we all could understand. She was clear, honest, and comforting.  I know she’s not alone in the blessing she’s being to her patients and their families.

I’m working on a new artwork piece, it’s my way to put into color and pencil strokes a deep feeling of gratitude. Both to my sister Angela; and also to nurses and health care workers everywhere right now.

Here is a sneak peek:

nurse on front lines


I don’t normally do artwork with the hopes of it going “viral” but this one will be the exception. I want to create it to be shared. To be shared on nurses pages all over America saying Thank you. We celebrate you.  We are so grateful for you.  I am debating printing postcards of this print to be sold raising money for a cause that helps nurses. May 6th is National nurses day and it would all be ready before then to be able to send out thanking health care workers and nurses before then.  Message me if you like this idea, or have another idea of ways we can reach the most nurses possible and spread gratitude.  (The postcards would be something like 6 postcard for $10. Something like that.)

Stay tuned this Sunday to the big reveal including a youtube video of the portrait being drawn.  You can subscribe to my youtube channel to be notified when that video debuts.

noelle rollins art