How to create a full year calendar that supports your goals

create a full year calendar
create a full year calendar
A few weeks ago I participated in a zoom workshop run by the fabulous Star Hansen.  During the zoom call, she explained all about the benefits of creating a full year calendar. (She’s an organizing superstar)  I have her links at the bottom of this post as well so you can go visit her page after you finish reading. ♥
Here is how my brain interpreted what I saw.  My goal for 2021 is to have more work and life balance. I only took a few days off during all of 2020, released a book that brought beautiful soulful connections, increased my overall sales by 30% (by working my ass off!), and spent December working 12-16 hour days. Between a pandemic, some deaths of loved ones, and work… I stressed myself out enough that I ended up with shingles for over 3 months. Whew…
I believe we can have fabulous, intentional lives. Time though is finite. So it’s our most powerful tool. We can use it right and have it reflect our goals, dreams, and responsibilities.  I promise you this process was not hard. I only spent a few hours from start to finish.
The longest step was me getting clear on my goals for 2021… and in my case… my body was forcing me to choose balance.

How to create a year-long calendar

– Buy a calendar and cut it apart.  Pay more attention to the size of the squares, the thickness of the paper, and the font of the writing. The images will be hidden.
-I bought post-it tabs and also a post-it note that I cut to size as I used each sheet.
– After cutting the calendar apart, decide how much space you can use and if you want to go 4 months across or as I did where I progressed down and each quarter was it’s own column.  Then tape it all to your wall.
– After all months are taped to your wall, started by opening your online calendar and began transferring things over to this calendar in various colors.

How I decided on different colored tabs

1st color –  I started with my business coaching/retreats that the dates were already set on the calendar.
2nd color  – Family birthdays, holidays, etc.  Then vacations or other days I know I need off. Doctor, chiropractor, dentist visits already scheduled, etc.
3rd color – Work prep – this is planning time and time I’m in my workshop (away from clients). It’s making, creating, prepping my products and courses.
4th color – Work time – time I’m working in my studio or directly with clients –
5th color – Days off – free time  –  this was big for me. After analyzing my yearly sales I can see that June-August are my slowest months. Rather than fighting this, I’m embracing it and giving myself permission for some extra days off during this time.
Some other possible ideas:  Colors for kids sports or activities.  Colors for a hobby, working out, reading time, schooling, organizing/cleaning, yard work, naps.
It’s really important to gift yourself a general framework for your year.  I didn’t book up every hour. Instead, I did try to block certain workdays for prepping, others for workshops, others to go with the flow or work on current projects.  This makes me feel calm, in control, and also gives me an overall feeling for the year. I can see busy seasons and slower seasons and work with those.  From there I was able to choose if I could move some things from the busy season over to the slower seasons.  One area for me that I do this is that I work on remembrance ornaments all year. I begin prepping for the holiday season in January. It’s an all-year process.

Final result

I wish I could fully articulate the joy this gives me.  I’m a list person, I love goals.. but this is next level and makes me feel like I’ve got a handle on life. And after 2020… I think that is a feeling we’re all after. ♥

If this helps you I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Also, Star teaches this way better than me. You can watch the zoom replay now through January 15th here.  passcode: MZ%&9n*K

Cheers to getting through this past year and creating an inspired life in 2021!


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