How to get free hotel nights during Travel

How did we get 27 FREE nights at hotels? Let me tell you!

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So after paying off our debt a few years back we were very hesitant to use credit cards.  Then after a few years of paying cash I decided that I was ready to take it on again, this time I decided I would outsmart the system.

So during the pandemic, I rotated using a few credit cards for all our expenses. We just spent those 2 years loading up on miles and points.

Our best card for benefits was the IHG chase card.  First we opened a card in Bruce’s name and got his bonus, then later I opened a card in my own name and got the bonus.  What did this mean for our current trip? These are the FREE nights we have gotten using our IHG points.  We chose to use the points at Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels, but there are other options as well.


7 nights in Dubai, UAE

1 night in Istanbul, Turkey

5 nights in Strasbourg, France

14 nights in various cities in Germany


You guys that is 27 FREE hotel nights!!!  Seriously. That helped us so much in being able to do a multi-month long trip.


All of those free nights. We didn’t pay an annual fee for the first year of either card, and to date we have not paid 1 cent of interest either by paying balances in full.

If you’re interested in getting these benefits then you can use my referral code. This will not cost you anything but it will gift my account some additional points to use for future stays.  (Only open a card if you know you can pay the balance in full and use it responsibly, no credit card bonus is worth the stress of debt if you can’t pay it off each month.)

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Happy Traveling!!