How to harvest the lessons from 2020 and the past year to better your life

inward journey eagle pose artwork
Lessons from 2020 and the past year…
This past year… it’s been the hardest year in many ways, yet a year full of gifts and lessons that I am grateful for. This artwork sums it up well.
inward journey eagle pose artwork
(You can find this artwork here.)
We’ve been forced to look inward this past year. Inward at our homes, our families, our choices, our mental and physical health, or regrets, our hopes.
In many ways, the past year was tougher for me than my divorce 15 years ago, or even a death because at least in those experiences I could count on my own resources, faith, and decisions to steer my way through in those times. I could clearly label what had happened and plan out how to make it through. This experience was equally about having to trust others and sit in the unknown for months and months and that has proven to be more frustrating and sometimes rewarding than I ever thought possible. Showing ourselves grace right now as we step into this next phase is crucial.
I’m taking time this week to ceremoniously & emotionally harvest the positive gifts, to find meaning in all the negative, to acknowledge them, and learn from them. All this hard was not a waste, because sacrifice with a purpose brings strength, and I hope to never look back at this year and only remember the bad.
There has been more family time, clarity of where my energy has been being wasted and the necessity for simplifying down to the most important things. There has been a forcing of not looking outward for entertaining, wisdom, or knowledge… because during this shitshow no one knew exactly how to navigate it. And no two of us are the same… so we all had to dig deep and find our way. But we’re here! We’ve made it. Whether you’re still skipping along, or you’re barely sliding into this new season take a moment to acknowledge that you’re here. You’ve made it through, hopefully, the roughest part of this time.
By focusing on the good, we are not dismissing the loss, the fear, the real heartache so many of us have experienced… we are instead making it so it was not all for nothing…
Is there anything good that came out of the last year for you? Clarity that has been revealed, or choices you’d been putting off but you had to finally make? I’d love to hear.