How to make money at your craft – before you’re an expert

It’s hard to always wait to make money until we are an expert at something. What about when you have done a craft for years and then start a new style? I’ve got lots of ideas for you to maintaing integrity, be honest with your audience, and also make money while you’re still learning. Here is my newest youtube video:


In other news:

I had the lovely experience recently of chatting with Caroline Karp on her Behind the art inspiration podcast. During this interview, I share with her why I create, how to find inspiration, and I reveal our big 2022 plans. Beginning in Osaka, Japan!


This 20 minute interview is perfect to listen to while you’re getting ready in the morning, or looking for some happiness and light-hearted conversation. ♥


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P.S. do you have creatives in your life? During the month of September, I’m doing a youtube video blitz of nearly 5 videos a week all about behind the scenes of running an art business. It’s mostly about mindset, pricing, confidence along with a few artists specific videos. Here is my youtube channel. Please pass it along to any business owners or aspiring artists.