how to thank a future in-law for raising the love of your life – wedding cards

card set from bride and groom to give parents for wedding

There is that sacred time while dating, then engaged when your whole future is open in front of you. Possibilities abound, love overflowing, everything a bit glowy, a wedding to prepare.

For me it was planning out a future with the greatest man I’ve ever known.   During the planning on my own wedding, which if I admit was only 6 weeks, I didn’t have the time or perspective to really be able to communicate the love and appreciate I had for my future mother and father in law.  Just months after my wedding my own mother passed away unexpectedly as well.  It became extra clear that in life, we are give certain moments and occasions where we have that chance to so openly share our love for others. We get to say thank you, we get to acknowledge all the time and love another has given us. It’s special. Then the wedding passes, life slowly returns to normal and that moment passes.  Too often… words left unsaid to those most important to us.

Fast forward a couple years later after my own wedding and my sister was getting married.  As I watched her wedding planning unfold and we all got to prepare for her big day, I got to thinking of all the things I wish I would have been able to say to my now in-laws.  I though about what I wished I would have said to my mom and dad as well. What Bruce could have shared with my parents through a perfectly worded card.  I ached for a do-over and decided to channel all my thoughts into cards others could give.

So I created a card for a bride to give to the groom’s parents.   A card to say thank you.  Thank you for raising the greatest man, for teaching him how to love.  In the time since the card has been purchased by brides all over North America.

Find the cards here.

  all cards – ©Noelle Rollins Art

From that card I started getting requests for a card from the bride to her own parents.  So I created that card also, everything I wish I would have been able to articulate to my own parents.  I am so incredibly grateful both my parents were able to be there for my wedding day.   We never know how life will unfold; but there are those few special days where we can pause life and everyone can soak in happiness and bask in pure delight.  Love in the air, dancing, sharing our love for those around us.  It’s sacred.  A time that we shouldn’t take lightly, a time to say what we can to everyone around us.   These cards have been written in a way that even if you’re parent’s are no longer together you can give a card to each.

card from bride to parents on wedding


Fast forward and I started hearing from more brides who wished for similar cards that their future husband’s could give to his parents and his bride’s parents.  You can find the set that includes these two cards here.  Some groom’s are the type that will actively seek out cards like this, but let’s be honest; most bride’s have just went ahead and purchased them for their groom’s to give.

CardsCovers_FromGroom  CardInsides_FromGroom

Sometimes it can be hard to verbalize the words we want to say to those who mean so much to us.  It can help to have things written down, words to be read and re-read through the years by parents whose children are now married and beginning lives of their own.  I can only imagine the appreciation I’d have for a new daughter-in-law who could so openly share her love for my son. A daughter in law who would honor me and my husband, it would give me so much hope for them as a couple and peace that my son will be happy.

Cheers to all of you who are planning weddings, balancing getting things checked off your to-do lists with also living in the moment and savoring the anticipation for your big day!


custom portrait of bride and groom


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