if you’ve had your eye on anything in my shop…

Exciting changes coming

A few years back I used to carry my prints, glassware and other products in a variety of super cute shops.  Over the years a couple closed, then we moved and it didn’t make sense at the time for me to keep those going until I was ready to dive full in.

Well, It’s time.  It’s time for me to step up, quit playing small and put my money where my mouth is and go for something scary but right feeling.

My plan in to start exhibiting in wholesale gift shows (where the stores shop) in the next year, starting as soon as this summer.

So my mind is a flurry with all of the retail refinements needed; better seamless feel and look to my line, packaging, pricing, clearer messaging… I’m trying to just keep taking the next step and not go into overwhelm or self doubt but admittedly that floods in too.

So a step I am needing to take right now is I’m going to be raising my prices on a variety of items in my online shop; prints and mugs for sure and all else I’ll be going through piece by piece.  I will be pricing my pieces at a level that will attract the retail stores I really want to be in and believe will best fit with my message and artwork.

I wanted to give you this chance to take advantage of my current pricing before I change it this Saturday.  You can also use the code: SAVE10 to save 10% off the current prices.

I am so appreciative for your continued support, good vibes and any prayers you can send as I take this next, necessary step.

*If you’re interested in helping in any way here are some ways that you can help out someone in my position, breaking into the retail world:

  • Do you know any stores where my work would be a good fit?  The soulful yoga, the Christmas ornaments and cardinals? How about the inspirational message artwork?   Feel free to recommend the store to me, share it with me on social media or via email.   (FLoral shops, salons, natural health providers have also proven a good fit for my work.)
  • If you talk with store owners of shops you think would be a great fit and you love their vibe let them know about my line, me or my website and that you think my artwork would be a good fit.
  • Follow me on pinterest or instagram.  Like or share/pin my product pins and posts.

Think ahead to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or a future graduate.

Over in the etsy shop I just restocked the cardinal couple mugs, the 11:11 mugs, Mr. Darcy and more as well and you can take advantage of the current pricing before it goes up.

 Thanks for joining me as we all work to create inspired lives!

Lastly, this is the message I’ll be focused on in the coming months:

Again, if you want to take advantage of my current pricing before I change it this Saturday visit my etsy site here. You can also use the code: SAVE10 to save 10% off the current prices.