Inspired Life Artwork Online Gift Party


What is an inspired life art and gift party?  It’s about gathering up, online a group of amazing women and spending an hour or two getting inspired, seeing new artwork, gift ideas, wrapping ideas and shopping all while hanging out online with friends and meeting new women.

I only have openings for a few parties in 2017.

Here’s what I’m looking for in a host:

  1. woman looking to gather friends, family, co-workers together online in a non pressure, fun way, who love to feel good and make others feel good.
  2. you resonate with my artwork, my message, my style.
  3. you would love to earn free credit to go shopping in my store.


So here’s how it’ll happen.  You’ll let me know if you’re interested and select one of the following dates and times:  Sunday November 5th at 4pm or 6pm, Tuesday November 7th anytime at 7pm or later, Thursday November 9th at 7pm or 8pm start time, Wednesday November 15th 8 or 9pm start time, Thursday November 16th at 7pm or 8pm start time, Thursday November 30th at 7pm or 8pm start time.   You’ll ask 10-20 women for their permission to invite them to the online art party. Starting a couple days before we’ll start giving sneak peeks.  I will create an online event on Facebook, you’ll invite the women to that event.  During the party, we will have drawings for free gifts.  The party will wrap up in less than 90 minutes, yet will stay open for 5 days for ordering.   You can grab some food, a drink, cozy up in your warm jammies and hang with us from the privacy of your own home.  We will do the entire party online in a private FB group event.  It’ll include pictures, items not listed on my websites or online stores and a video or two. Once the party is over and closed I’ll contact the host with the total amount of her credit earned in my etsy store.


About me and my work:

I’ve been a working artist for over 20 years.  2 years ago I moved from the Twin Cities out into the amazing St. Croix river valley in the picturesque small town of Osceola, Wisconsin.  I work from home mostly and have my prints, cards, glassware and other items in a handful of stores throughout the Minnesota and Wisconsin area.    I have 2 kids, one in high school, the other does homeschooling 1st grade.   My husband works in North Branch and is the love of my life.  I believe in good, I believe in love, energy and making things happen.  I believe that women supporting and cheering for other women can change the world.  I love to see women embrace their power and gentleness simultaneously and live their dreams.


I create artwork to help others live their most inspired lives.  I offer a variety of styles but during this party we will focus on:

  • Inspired woman who is making things happen.
  • Gifts for kids (music, sports, decor)
  • Affordable gifts you can hand out to large groups (classrooms, bible studies, friends)
  • Calming inspiration – connecting with yourself and your body. Artwork to support you where you need it in your own life.

Here are a few sneek peaks of my work:


Are you ready to host a party?  Message me and let me know.

Some possible themes:

business owners – we’ll keep it professional and all focused on artwork that supports business owners and their clients.

general – everything from sports, music, wine, yoga, decor

– mom’s group – art to hang in your home, your children’s rooms. Gifts for teachers, playgroups, etc.

– wine and entertaining – we’ll focus on wine glasses, wine art and mix in some fun surprises.

– bohemian fun and sacred uplifting artwork – artwork, decor, holiday themed gifts and more!

or other – suggest your ideas.


Dates I have available:   see above.  

If you would like to be on the waiting list in case I’m able to open up another show please use the contact form below or FB message me. 


Contact Form


Host benefits:

$30 in the art of your choice just for hosting a party (must have at least 3 people show up for the party live). If you have more than 4 people place orders at the party you’ll also receive a private code for 25% off all purchases in my etsy shop good for 1 year.


$200 in party sales = $25 gift card to use in my shop

$301 – 400 in party sales = $35 gift card to use in my shop

$401+ in party sales = gift card equal to 20% of party sales.  (example $1000 party will get you a $200 gift card)