My interview with Leonie Dawson – writer, artist, business coach

Noelle Rollins and Leonie Dawson artist zoom call

This past week I had the honor of doing a zoom call with Leonie Dawson.

Noelle Rollins and Leonie Dawson artist zoom call

Leonie is a writer, artist, business coach out of Australia. On our call, we talked about my book, learning to trust our intuition, and knowing when it’s the right time to make a pivot in life or business. Plus some fun tips on how to mentally handle making more money, and handling stress. I hope you’ll take 20 minutes and listen to our conversation.  (She offers an incredibly yearly planner, you can find it at: )


I also happened to mention for the first time the BIG goal I have for 2022… let me know if you spot it during the interview.


Over 50 copies of my book have sold this past week and been shipped out. I have a few more copies in stock that I can sign. (I have another batch arriving in 10 days or so).  On Wednesday I’ll also share the Amazon Prime link and a special promotional price on the kindle ebook version. I have a big goal of reaching the #1 selling book in the grief category… I hope you’ll help me do so.