Introducing hand painted caskets

Lily floral casket

I’m on a mission to bring personalized options into the way we memorialize our loved ones; including hand painted caskets and urns.

I’ll never forget sitting with my family at the funeral home. We were looking through casket options for my mom. Did we want oak, or a cherry finish? What style of corners…   on and on … I remember thinking, “maybe cherry? She had a fireplace with that finish once…”  To this day I have no idea what option we chose.

I wish I could go back to that time and create a personalized casket for her.  Full of her favorite flowers, the toile style patterns that gave her so much joy… maybe a reference to her nursing years, or her childhood as well worked in.  Something that would have felt like her; completely embodying her “Human-ness” she had during this full life she lived.

I’ve started laying out some designs… I plan on continuing to do more as examples as well. I’m still working out the details on how to pull off this giant need for this sort of personalization. In the meantime please feel free to share with those you know, those entering hospice, or those who want to plan ahead.

hand painted casket

By law, funeral homes cannot refuse caskets purchased from outside of their facility so that is great news.  I’m working on getting caskets hand-built for me right now and I also plan on working with funeral homes upon request and either go on-site and paint there or have the casket shipped to me so I can paint it then shipped/delivered to the funeral home.  Please ask questions, let me know ideas you have, other needs that need some creativity and thinking outside the box.

I’m also working on hand painted urns as well.

Here is the Lily Casket design:

I’m still playing around with solid color options for the cover and trim as well, or fully covered in flowers.  These could also be done in orange lilies or any other flower as well.

Lily floral casket

Examples of solid color covers:


I envision a farm that the person grew up on, sports references, scenes from Italy or their favorite place, or nature and wildlife scenes as well.

I look forward to sharing more designs in the coming weeks and months.  For those who followed along with our travels, we managed to visit 11 countries and had the time of our lives.  I does feel good to be back in the studio again though.