Introducing my new facemask collection.

Welcome to a debut of new styles of face masks.  Our newest accessory.  Last week I found myself purchasing a minecraft mask for my kiddo and really wanted something fun for myself too.

There are many amazing people sewing masks right now and I will be supporting them as well.  I figure if masks are going to be our future for the next year or two it’s nice to have a more than one to choose from when I do go out that really speaks to my mood and outlook.

I’ll be giving my dad the guitar one for Father’s Day.  (Secret: I also have a coffee mug coming soon that matches the peony mask)

Here are the new masks. Enjoy!!  (I can create a mask from any of my art so if there is one you’d like just let me know and I’ll create it and give you a link).  Click the mask to be taken to the link for it.   Note that for each image you can move and adjust the way the artwork is centered on the mask. Make sure to move it to have it show how you like it.

blue butterfly face mask

cardinal remembrance face mask Miracles-Happen_Facemask stars at night facemask peony and love floral facemask baby cardinal peace face mask Mr darcy pride and prejudice face mask hands playing guitar face mask monarch butterfly facemask




If you like to draw or have kids or grandkids that do here is a new tutorial on my youtube:

learn to draw an egg


Best wishes to you!


noelle rollins art