I’ve got your Valentine’s Day Hookup!!


If you are like most of us you’ll realize you need a Valentine’s gift around Wednesday or Thursday next week. Flowers or candy are great but if you are looking for something different or to add to it let me save you some time. I’ve got some great ideas for special someone.

Also, how about that special friend who will be alone this year or the sister or daughter that is out of town? I’ve got prints or cards that will make her feel loved and special! You can find my entire store here.

Here is my newest print (click on any picture to be taken to that item in the store):


Interchangeable Magnet necklace. Comes with 3 print choices.


This cards says, “Caught between calm and chaos she holds her head high. Newly found strength, courage and grace confidently guide her.”


or This same image but one that says, “You are Fabulous!”



How about something for the music lover in your life?


This one is perfect to team up with a nice bottle of wine:


Team up this card with the Love print and a massage or flowers.


I have lots of cards too for your your man or lady. You can find them here. Feel free to set up a time to stop by the studio if you’re interested in picking up prints, cards or wine glasses directly from my supply there. You can also use the coupon code: Local Pickup from my website to not pay shipping charges on your order and setup a time with me to pick up your order from my studio.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day next week! **Noelle