How to draw a cardinal with a basic 12 piece crayola colored pencil set

learn to color a cardinal

For years I dismissed colored pencils, they seemed so basic, so unimpressive.  After discovering what can be done with colored pencils in 2019 it changed my perspective. I was wrong.  Did you know there are “tricks” that can be done with these basic colored pencils we’re all used to seeing?  Things that involve rubbing alcohol and other fun tips I’ll share.

learn to color a cardinal

Yes, I mostly use Caran d’ache and polychromos colored pencils in my portrait work.  However, I wanted to use this lesson to show what can be done with a basic Crayola colored pencil 12 pack.

You can download the outline for this colored pencil tutorial here:

cardinal coloring page

or click this link for the coloring page pdf download:  Cardinal_ColorWithMe_NoelleRollinsArt


During this time of the Covid19 pandemic and resulting quarantines and isolation that many of us are in, this drawing tutorial can be a great way to calm your mind, tap into the creative part of your brain that balances out the fear and stress.

Do you know people who are at home or looking for productive ways to calm anxiety and fears? I’d love if you’d share this video link or this blog post. As more tutorials are posted in the weeks to come there will be more and more ways to tap into our creative sides.

Did you know that getting in tune with your creativity will help with all areas of life?  When you’re thinking creatively it helps you problem solve better, approach problems and situations with a broader set of possible solutions.


Wishing you each a peaceful, calm, time of good health and reflection.