Lisbon, Portugal

 Today I arrived in Lisbon.  I had a brief layover in Newark on the way, what a gift. I got to see the New York City skyline in the daylight when when we came into Newark. Then I was lucky enough to see the full moon over the skyline at night as we took off. I have never had much of a draw towards NYC but I must say that  I could feel the energy and pull of it even from the sky.

Yesterday I met up with 3 other women that will be on this tour with me, we ventured  off on foot from our hotel and found the cutest little cafe/ restaurant. We stayed for 3 hours as the owner proudly brought out a giant fresh salad and shrimp. we then picked out our cuts of fish and then perfectly grilled them and presented them with a large family style plate of steamed veggies. I was such a quintessential Portugal experience. He didnt speak English and we at least knew how to say salad and shrimp… so it was a success.

I feel like I have known these women for years. Truly soul sisters. We had a great time laughing and sharing stories.

Its a good thing I was really tired because the beds are not much to write home about. (but I will tell you about them anyways).



We are off soon to go meet the rest of the women and have our first harmony circle here in Lisbon.  Tomorrow we flyout to Paris.  I will check in again soon.