How we manifested our dream property

We are getting all settled in the new house. Painting, unpacking, decorating, savoring.   This move has been a lesson in life about faith, trust and manifestation.

Let’s rewind to just over two months ago… my loving hubby and I were having a long look at our budget, bills, list of house fix-it projects and by all accounts we could not figure out a way for us to move.  We had been working hard to pay off everything so all we’d have left was a house payment.  It was a wonderful thing to not have all the payments but for the moment we were cash poor.  So we debated and decided the safe thing to do would be to list out all the projects we needed to work on and we’d spend the next year working on them and saving up as much cash as possible for a down payment.  We got to work that weekend and fixed some exterior things on the house.  It seemed fine for about 48 hours…

Listening to my inner knowing

I sat with the feelings I was having and tried to identify what wasn’t sitting right.  I realized we were choosing fear instead of going for our dreams.  We were playing it safe instead of taking a leap.  So I made a conscious choice.  I started packing boxes.  That night I shared my feelings and Bruce agreed. We decided that we would do whatever we could in our power to make a move happen and if it was meant to be for this summer then it would happen and if it was meant to be that we wait a year then that would happen.  We just needed to do all we could.   That week we continued working on our list of house projects.

I happened to post the picture online of our packed boxes sharing our intention to move.  My lifelong best friend let me know of a house that would be perfect for us.   So we scheduled a showing that weekend and came to see the house on the hill.   We both knew immediately that this was our home.  It was what we’d been looking for over the past years, the yard, space, buildings all were a perfect fit for us.  All being finished enough that the house was move-in ready but still enough character to the home that we could continue to do projects and add our own special touches.

We let the seller know that we wanted it and since he is a friend he agreed to hold it for us until our house could be sold. AMAZING.  So we were able to spend the next 3 weeks getting our house ready to be on the market. I was so grateful for family coming over and helping us paint, plant flowers, and borrowing us a few things for staging.  It all worked!  We listed it and it sold in 2 days.   The buyer for that house wanted to be in it by the end of May and thankfully we had a new home to go to.

Pictures of the old house once we got it staged:

Larch_LivingRoom DSCN0526



So my friends, here we are.  Living in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley area in Wisconsin.  We can see Minnesota off in the distance.  We are learning more about this amazing community we are getting to be a part of here in Osceola and loving it.   Here are a few pictures of the new house:


This is the ugly peacock / chicken coop, remember how creepy, dirty and ugly it is now…  next summer it’s on the list to transform it into one of the coolest guest bunk houses ever:

DSCN0458  DSCN0463


So that my friends is our story of our spring miracle.  What seemed impossible and we had no way to figure it out, we surrendered, trusted and worked our asses off and somehow here we are.  🙂

Sending love and support to every one of you for that impossible dream in your life!  And also to myself that I can remember this life lesson for the other areas where I have big dreams that seem out of reach.






UPDATE 2021:


Here are some photos of the property now. We love our time here so much. We are so grateful for the land, the space, the calm life we get to live here.