more on the throat chakra – my personal journey

I’m learning to speak my own truth so much better. I think this year has been the biggest growing year for me in that area.  I was working with one of my coaches and it was interesting how many of the things I’m going through right now stem from some things I went through in the 5th grade. The year I hit puberty and my weight changed and I first felt some insecurities about my body, the year stupid Jim humiliated me in front of the hand washing station outside of the bathrooms and I didn’t have the skills to verbally put him in his place or the skills to not feel bad about it.  It’s no coincidence that my daughter is in 5th grade now and as I’m watching her go through this time period I’ve unknowingly been re-writing my own boundaries, sticking up for myself, finding my voice and FINALLY making peace with some of those past events.  So cheers to loving ourselves and having compassion for ourselves and others!

Me and my girl

I really believe that when we are in tune with our life’s purpose and are speaking what is true for our most authentic selves that the universe responds.  There is power in thoughts and tremendous power in words, good or bad. Speak from your heart, your souls best intentions and truths and it’ll all work out.