I have had in my mind a vision of wanting to be able to show more of my artwork then just the finished product. I think part of the beauty of the work is to know the materials, the journey that came before it and the meaning behind it.  I have been taking a wonderful class by Vivienne McMaster called Montage (find her here: http://www.youareyourownmuse.com/   ).   From this class I’ve been refining my story telling skills via movie maker.  I really hope that through this short video you’ll be able to see a bit of where I am on my own journey and how that led me to create my newest artwork series, “Soulful Yoga”.  I am guessing if you’re a reader of my blog that you’ll also see some of your own journey in there as well.

Here is the video link: http://vimeo.com/44127937

Have a great weekend!!