Netherlands – Harmony tour

we spent the morning walking through the open airmarkets. Fresh fruits, olives, breads, fish… you name it.  The we sat and enjoyed a latté on the patio, we sat in frail wood chairs. each featuring vibrant paint of different colors, peeling off in places. It was perfect.

There is a stunnimg mall that is a huge arch withlight coming in through the 2 walls of windows. Yesterday I had a fresh juice drink from there.

Last night we dined at an italian restauant, we met 2 of the local women who will be at todays Harmony circle. Here are some pictures from today:







Tonight after our harmony circle we will take an overnight ferry to England. We will arrive there in the morning.

One of my favorite moments was sitting at the bus stop on Frankfurt a couple nights ago. We were getting readt to take the over night train to Rotterdam, Netherlands and there was a group of college age kids. They had their radio turned up and all of us ladies could help but dance along. There was a bonding between groups even though no words were spoken.