New artwork line coming soon!

I am so thrilled to announce that my new artwork line will soon debut!


Starting over 6 years ago, the night after my mom passed away I had my first “visit” dream.  I knew that she met me in my dream to let me know she was okay.  I woke up from that dream with so much peace about her.  To this day years later I can see the vision from that dream and feel that same feeling of her letting me hold her sweet face in my hands and we poured love into one another.  I will always cherish it.

Fast forward to the night Aspen was born.  I thought my water has broke and started to trickle. I wasn’t sure.   Out loud I asked my mom, “Mom, help me out.”   I went and laid back in bed, then the contractions started.   I got up from bed and it was like it was slow motion, I looked at the clock as I stood up and just as it clicked 11:11pm, mom water broke and gushed out.   Thank you mom.   I counted hundreds of signs I’ve received since her passing.   Songs on the radio that I kept hearing, finally listening to the words and knowing it was from her.  A talk with a medium who validated so many things.  Feathers.  Many feathers.  Tvs, lights doing things.  Dreams.  Birds, heart clouds.   Things that when I saw them, I knew. I felt though every part of me they were hellos from her.

Have you ever experienced this?    I’ve been longing for years to visually bring these experiences to life.  Artwork to inspire, remind us of those who have passed.  Artwork to remind us that we are loved, never forgotten and we will see them again.


Today as I was painting one of the paintings for this series, I had to stop because I noticed something wierd going on with my brush.  Yes, this is what I saw.   Thank you spirit for yet another sign, I am listening!