New cards I wish you’d never need but you will

grief card set

What do you say when the unspeakable happens? When someone you care about gets a terminal diagnosis? Or a birthday of your sister’s deceased husband is coming… you want to say something, do something…

These cards helps you say something. The thing we too often do is we avoid people when things like these happen. Not intentionally, we want to reach out but our fear of not knowing what to say keeps us from saying anything. And the more time passes… the harder it gets to say something.

These cards can bridge that space. Help you to say something. Speak up. Share the love and speak a few words of love into an unspeakable situation.

Each card has a beautiful linen texture that will feel good in your recipients hands when they open it.


Here is more detail about each card and when you’d give them:



This card was created to give to a friend or family member to honor their deceased wife, girlfriend, fiance or female best friend.

remembrance card to honor woman passed away


This card was created to give to a friend or family member to honor their deceased husband, boyfriend, fiance or male best friend.

remembrance card to honor man passed away


Cards to remember and honor a dad, mom, or child on big days. Such as Mother’s Day, Father’s day, a would have been birthday, wedding day missing a loved one, graduation or holiday without dad, mom, child.


This is a card to give to someone who has been given a terminal diagnosis and is nearing the end of their life. Or someone who has entered hospice care.

card for hospice patient


Do you have a friend or loved one who has a spouse, child, or parent that has been given a terminal diagnosis or put into hospice care?  This card offers support for those who are caretakers and loved ones of those in the known dying process.

family member of terminal



Here is the thing, this is a tough topic.  It’s hard to create artwork and cards to honor those going through these stages. Experiencing any of these situations is hard and full of layers of denial, acceptance, grief, wishes of hope, exhaustion, unknown and everything in between.   There are never perfect words, there are no two situations that are exactly alike.  All we can do is show up.  We can try.  We can give a card, add a gift card inside or an added special note, some cash, flowers, whatever… personalize or just sign these cards.   Just show up.   Show up with something and don’t be afraid to sit in the muckiness.

Sending you each love and wishes for gentleness and grace for you and your loved ones.


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