New is good

Something unexpected has happened in the last year.

It’s so easy as a mom and wife to put ourselves and our goals in the background.  Last summer when I put together my wholesale catalog, presented my work at the wholesale show… something in me broke open.

More than anything to do with wholesale… I kept with it. I didn’t let the little voice of doubt, “what if’s”, or fears step in and stop me. I’m an over-thinker…  I spend endless time typically thinking through every possible outcome and what I can do to prevent anything negative from occurring…  But last year, I muted that voice and just kept putting one foot in front of the other and it all turned out great.

That leads me to now.  I’m learning to get out of my own way.  It’s a tricky dance to sell artwork that is so personal to me, but I’m learning by releasing my grip a little that it can mean more to others as well.  That others can share in the story, the seeing of signs, the noticing, the inspiration.  It’s been such a beautiful gift to see how things can blossom when I get out of my own way and don’t listen to the doubts.

For years I’ve had so many classes I’ve wanted to present but most I’ve put off presenting because they never seemed finished, never long enough, or life shattering enough… but then I looked around and some recent situations and conversations around me and I again realized I need to get out of my own way.  There are so many things I can help others with. I’m a noticer, a lifelong learner, a dreamer, a warrior and I’ve walked some tough paths.  From all of those I’ve seeked out everything I can about how to get through them, thrive, and know true joy.  More than that, I want to open up classes and groups where we can interact and learn from one another as well.

I’ve created 9 new classes that will be opening at various times throughout the year.  There are classes where I’ll teach how to paint a cardinal, or coin remembrance art.  A class where we’ll gather fabrics, papers, feathers (whatever you wish) and create art to honor loved ones we’ve lost.   There are also classes for mompreneurs, women who are looking to free up a little money and want clarity.  You can find them all here and get on the wait list for any that you want to hear when they are announced.


Wishing you a great week,

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