New portrait – a man nicknamed Dauber

Noelle drawing portrait of man

Brand new portrait is finished. I’m loving how much detail these colored pencils are allowing me to get. See the video come to life in this time lapse video:

If that video has problems loading you can also click here.

Here are some detailed sneak peeks:


I’m obsessively practicing and learning more as I continue drawing portraits. I’m loving this newest one. You may ask why I’m diving in so much to portraits… well, I have a dream of traveling more. I can do portraits from a hotel, rv, home, etc. I love that they are easy for me to ship to clients and the supplies are easy to pack. For you the benefit is more accuracy, they are easy to frame and I’m creating videos of each one I do so that you can see your portrait come to life. I’m offering a limited number for a super low price, if you want to jump in on the summer special you can find the details here:

I had so much fun meeting this man a few weeks ago. His nickname is Dauber and after hearing a few of his stories including one of him driving through Missouri and accidentally hitting a pig… I stopped the conversation and had to ask him if I could take his photo. I just knew I needed to draw him.
Here are a couple other’s that will be debuted soon:


Hope you’re enjoying your Independance day Weekend!