New Portrait – Dad

I am so proud to present my newest portrait. Let me introduce you to my dad.

14 years ago my mom passed away unexpectedly, in the time since he’s stood by as we missed her, endlessly share memories of her… meanwhile he’s here. Never quite the same, but trying. Showing up in all his humanness (as we all are). I did this portrait as way to really focus on his goodness, his spirit, and celebrate him just for being him. A guitarist, a father of 5, a lover of boats and cars, and for just being. ♥

Portrait details:

The portrait is 17″ x 22″. Colored pencil and pastels.  This portrait is the piece I’m most proud of so far in my artist life. It pushed me further then I’ve let art do so up until now.  I had to dig deep and bring every bit of patience I could muster, to sit with each whisker, each pore and not rush.

Back in August I booked a photo session with a great photographer, Pam of Heart of Life Creative.  She took photos specifically with me doing a drawing using them as a reference.  I wanted a shadowed, dramatic viewpoint. Lots of grit and personality.  She captured the caring eyes of my dad perfectly.  In the months since I’ve worked on the portrait; layer by layer, and hair by hair.

You can find out more about having a portrait created here.

I was able to present him with the gift at our family Christmas. It was a pretty special moment.  I find it funny that he showed up to the event with a beard… the first time of my life I’ve seen him with a beard.


I love drawing, but mostly this gift was for me to help him feel seen. To truly honor him and love on him and stop time for a moment and let him soak it in.


noelle rollins art