New portrait of dad – another timelapse video

portrait painting of dad.

See this portrait I painted unfold in a time lapse video.

My favorite part of this portrait was the beard, I love challenging myself and learning new techniques.  So often portraits are thought of as for kids, babies, families; but I love the idea of a portrait of Dad.   I loved getting to paint the masculine detail of the beard and eyebrows.

This family actually got a painting of each of them on a separate canvas.  They will be put together on the wall but I absolutely love this idea, as the little baby in their family grows they can change out and get a new portrait done of him, or if they have more children they can add another canvas.  There isn’t an outdated feeling to their portraits as life continues on.   I also love because if they change houses or where they put the portraits they can go from being together on one wall to going up the stairs or vertically on a tall wall, in various rooms, etc.  It leaves so much more flexibility.

I would love for you to see it.   Next week I’ll share the baby portrait artwork video.


If video doesn’t load you can find the video here.  Feel free to leave a comment or a like on it to help others find it. Thanks!!

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