news or not to news

I had an interesting conversation last night with my sister. We were watching the news after taking the kids trick or treating. It was so depressing. The she talked about how a patient at the hospital she works at chewed her out awhile ago when he found out she tries not to watch the news.  I was shocked. What old school thinking.

My thoughts: if the news makes you feel like crap don’t watch it.  Be informed by other means; don’t be naive or uninformed… that’s annoying and lazy. There is the internet, talk radio, newspaper, etc.  If the traditional news leaves you feeling helpless, depressed, annoyed or hopeless about the world around us then shut if off.  The world is a much better place if you are informed yet feeling good.  You will create more good in the world if you are coming from a positive, empowered state of mind then you ever will coming from a place of fear.   There are so many sources to learn about local, state, national and international stories, causes and events.

Don’t buy into the fear that is being sold all around us.  One last thing, if you find yourself feeling down after something like or after being around someone who just poured all their drama, negativity onto you.  Literally take your hands and brush the bad energy off you. Imagine yourself protected by a soft blue, purple or white light of protection.

What are your favorite sources for information?  Love to hear others opinions on this. Surely we can’t be the only ones that are in this dilemma.

“We are One” by Noelle Rollins Art