"When I create, I paint and draw with my whole heart.  Intentionally connecting to the energy of the artwork.  People often comment to me that they can feel that energy come through when they see the artwork."   ~ Noelle

Noelle drawing nurse art
Noelle Live painting

Artwork series, originals, and custom offerings:

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sacred hellos artwork banner

Bereavement art banner

artwork for natural health practitioner

colored pencil portrait buttonsoulful yoga artwork

hand painted caskets and urns banner



I've been an artist for over 25 years, within that time it's led me down many artistic paths.  Many of these are past styles that I no longer focus on but can definitely re-create, provide prints of, or do custom work in these styles.

Other styles:

hand painted furniture banner

illustrations and commissions from Noelle Rollins Art

music artwork from Noelle Rollins Art

general artwork dream boxes from Noelle Rollins Art