unique casket and urns

Are you looking for more personalized ways to memorialize your loved ones?

Years ago, I remember sitting in the funeral home with my family. We were were deciding which casket to bury my mother in. It was surreal, it was impersonal, it all felt like not enough. I think eventually we chose a cherry wood stained casket, because she once had a fireplace in that finish so she must have like it... That was our reasoning... to this day, I can't remember for sure what she was buried in.

I only wish I would have been able to create a casket for her that was perfectly her. One that celebrated her human-ness, her love, her being everything to us.

Today I am so honored to work with others who are looking to plan out their own funerals. Together we create the perfect design full of meaning, personality, and the lasting impression desired.  I also work with families looking to memorialize their loved one in a way that no one will forget.

I work closely with a woodworker to create urns from start to end.  Caskets are handmade in Wisconsin.

Already working with a funeral home?

I am happy to work with directly with the funeral home to customize the casket of your choice from their selection. By law a funeral home cannot deny you bringing in your own casket, so it's important to know you have choices.  I am happy to custom paint exactly what you need from either source.

You can see my fee chart for painting caskets from the funeral home here.


Where are the caskets and urns available?

My studio is 1 hour from the Twin Cities, and we can deliver locally. We also ship urns and caskets nationwide.



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Absolutely amazing! Wonderful to work with and so helpful! The custom paintings came out so beautiful

- k.

I can't say enough about my artwork! Noelle was so helpful and helped put together a custom order for my office. I get so many compliments! The shipping was fast and I got it up on my wall in time for the open house of my new office!


Oh my goodness, these ornaments are even more beautiful in person!!! They were shipped quickly and even cane wrapped up for me 🙂 I purchased these in sage for the Chiropractors I work for and they LOVED them! Would totally purchase again.


prayer pose live painting