General Artwork


Not all artwork will fit perfectly into a pre-defined category.  Whether you are looking for commissioned artwork or a bold abstract on canvas, Noelle often fills customized orders for artwork, murals and occasionally furniture or a musical instrument.   Looking to get a custom piece of artwork? Here are the steps:

1.) email Noelle with the following information (start with what you’re sure of, Noelle can work through options with you and brainstorm if you are not 100% sure of any of the details)

Include: desired size, color scheme (if applicable), ideas, general budget

2) Noelle will create a customized quote for you that includes 3 options.  These options will vary in price and detail. This is a unique approach and makes it easier for clients to maintain control of their work and make sure it’s within their budget.

3. Once design is decided upon, client will submit a 50% deposit.

4. Noelle will email photos of project once it’s finished.

5. Once design is approved, the remaining 50% is paid and project is shipped to client.