See all Christmas ornaments and artwork all in one place.    The Christmas section of my online shop is open from October 1st - Jan 30. 

Ornaments will begin shipping on October 15th. Each ornament will come strung with jute twine, wrapped in tissue.  Each features prints of my artwork mounted on the front. Choose to have the year painted on the back if you'd wish.



This set includes 4 - 5"x7" in postcard prints. Available here.

The biblical cardinal artwork choices are also available in canvas art prints:

canvas art print cardinal art bible verses

You can order canvas prints in any of the above options, or choose to get without the bible verse. Find those options here.

The I am collection. Based on the experience of Moses and the burning bush, "I am that I am". The words "I am" are often used to communicate something into existence. For example, Saying, "I am love" as a statement to be more love and align with that mindset.  "I am abundance" used to align yourself with an abundant mindset, as if you are already abundant and in tune with that energy.   You can find these canvas prints hereI am cardinal artwork visitor abundance love joy peace


cardinal ornaments meaning of cardinal sightings

cardinal ornaments

I am Joy I am Peace I am Love I am abundance set of 4 cardinal ornaments

cardinal ornaments - hope love joy peace

Also available:

Woodland cardinal image trio:


Hand painted One of a Kind ornaments:


Remembrance Cardinal Ornaments:   More info here.
cardinal customized ornaments



Learn more about the ornaments here: