Have a custom portrait drawn from your photo of your loved one. 

Noelle Rollins specializes in heirloom quality, custom commissioned portraits.  I believe when you commission a portrait of someone you're sending them a message, you are saying, "You are worthy. You are important and deserve to have an artist spend hours pouring over your every facial feature. You are loved and we celebrate you."


colored pencil portrait button

drawing art of dog or cat horse


The process for commissioning a portrait:

  1. Select the size and number of people or pets you want in your portrait(s).
  2. Order your portrait here.
  3. Submit a photograph or more than one photo. Make sure photo is clear, this can be mailed or emailed (preferred)
  4. I will connect with you to confirm the portrait details and have you approve the design.
  5. I will share the finished artwork with you for your approval. Once you sign off, your artwork will be matted, packaged for you and shipping.

Previous Acrylic Portraits:

Portraits capture a moment in time.  A hand painted portrait from Noelle Rollins Art will add a unique artistic touch that is powerful enough to set the tone and create a mood in a room.  All hand painted face portraits are done in acrylic paint on master wrapped canvas.


Looking for ideas for a portrait?  I love to work in a style that features closeups of the subject's faces. These can be moved around, rearranged through the years and stand the test of time better than a traditional family portrait.  The great things about having separate canvas pieces include: have portraits done of all in the family, then update the child portraits as they grow.  The portraits can also transition well if you move. Being positioned vertically or horizontally, together or separate.