Capture the energy of your loved ones in a hand drawn portrait

Noelle Rollins specializes in heirloom-quality, custom commissioned portraits. 

I believe when you commission a portrait of someone you are saying, "You are worthy, loved, and we celebrate you."

There are limited openings for portraits. You can see the current openings for Summer 2024 here.

How to commission a fine art portrait.

  1. Select the People or Pet button above, this will lead you to choices about what style portrait you desire.
  2. Photo - a high-quality portrait will require a great photo. If you are photographing your subject, choose a high resolution and take several photos from different angles to give you the greatest choices in selecting a photo for the portrait. Also, take some photos where you are zoomed in on the subject's face. This will help give clear details for me to draw from in regards to eyes, teeth, nose, hair.  If possible use good lighting. You want your photos to show the personality and uniqueness of your subject.
  3. Once you select your portrait options, you will email me the photo(s) for your portrait. I work from a single photo but having a second or third photo can be helpful in showing further detail or eye color.
  4. My team will confirm your order with you and confirm the portrait layout. If I have any questions for you while working on your drawing then we will be in touch during that time.
  5. Once I am finished with your portrait (average 2-3 weeks from start date - unless a rush order) your artwork will be carefully packaged up and shipped to you. While my portrait creations do not undergo a formal proofing process, I do take immense delight in chronicling the evolution of your portraits through periodic updates on my Instagram or other social media pages, offering you a glimpse into the artistic journey.
  6. If your artwork is a gift, we can gift wrap and ship it directly to your recipient. (You are also welcome to give us a gift message that we can include on a card in your package.)
  7. If you have selected to have a video created of your artwork being created you will be sent a link to view and share your custom video. If you elect to have a digital copy of your portrait, that high resolution image will be emailed to you within 30 days of your order.


It is imperative to note that these unique, custom pet portraits are a manifestation of my distinctive artistic style, intricately capturing the essence of your cherished companions. While I am committed to faithfully depicting your pet's distinctive attributes, it is possible that variations in photographic quality and my interpretive artistic approach may subtly influence certain features. If you have specific details you want to make sure are captured in the artwork, kindly detail them while purchasing or via email when ordering.

I am honored to create a lasting memory of your beloved pet or loved one using my 30 years of artistic experience.