Memorial Portrait Package

Memorial Portrait Package

A custom painting of your loved one is the gift that keeps on giving. Prints can also be made to give to family and friends, allowing everyone to share in the unique and special gift of a portrait.

Portrait size options are: 8"x10", 12"x16" x 18"x24". Larger and custom sizes are available.

Prices generally range from $800 up to $4500 or more depending on size, complexity, number of people.  Some families will have one person step forward and handle this cost, others will divide up between siblings or cousins and all pitch in.

Please fill out this Memorial Portrait Clarity Finder form and it will help me be able to give you a personalized pricing quote for your portrait. This form is great because it will help you get clear about what style and size you want your portrait along with questions that help to connect our visions into one.

Next step -  Please complete the Memorial portrait clarity finder form.

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Information on memorial pet portraits can be found here.



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