Memorial portrait clarity finder

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Memorial Portrait Clarity Form

This form will help clarify your vision for your portrait(s) to help Noelle create a portrait that will best fit your goals for it.

  • how do you plan to display/use this artwork, or is there a backstory for why you're purchasing this portrait now? This also helps me to know the urgency of the the portrait completion.
  • Do you have a photo ready for me to use as a reference?
  • Can you describe the subject's eye color to me? Are their eyes green with bits of gray, a bold blue, a grayish blue? This will help me in case it's not obvious from the reference photos.
  • Is the subject known for her dazzling smile? Any moles that may not be obvious in the photo(s)? Please describe anything you want to make sure I capture in the photo:
  • Will it be on a main wall? An accent wall? An office or study, hallway? Will it be used for a graduation or wedding reception? Displayed at a funeral?
  • Memorial Portrait packages include a link to a video of me drawing your portrait. I like to include the subject's first name in the video.
  • Leave blank if not sure or answer all possible choices and we can discuss further:
  • Which general style of music would you prefer for the portrait video?
  • Oftentimes people will include a set of prints in with their portrait purchase to give as gifts. Would you like to include prints or ornaments with your portrait or would you like to get a custom link to give others where they can purchase prints of your portrait? Print prices range from $10 - $150 for small prints through larger canvas or acrylic print options. Ornaments with your image can also be purchased in a set of 2 or up to 50 or more ornaments to give to relatives or attendees of graduation/wedding, etc.
  • Do you have a timeline you need to meet? Christmas gifts often must be scheduled for purchase by September or early October. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation should plan on 2 months ahead of time if possible. Need a portrait for an urgent situation such as a funeral? ASAP ordering is available. It is a 15% surcharge to move your order to the front of the line and I will work on it as quickly as I'm able. Often with less than a week turnaround when needed.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.