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Noelle Rollins is an artist, teacher, writer, and master dreamer. From her St. Croix River Valley studio in Wisconsin, Noelle combines her 25 years of artistic experience with a mission to capture the beauty of life’s most sacred moments through art and story. You can find her soulful artwork on canvas, prints, greeting cards, and more.

Since losing her mom unexpectedly in 2009, Noelle's work has transitioned to include remembrance artwork and books. Noelle is available for commissioned portraits and remembrance artwork of people and pets. In remembrance of our loved ones, Noelle offers ornaments, prints, and portraits, through her website, Amazon, and Etsy.

In Noelle's upcoming book, Sacred Hellos Noelle eloquently moves us through her decade of mourning with each stage of grief woven throughout her journey. She shares personal stories of signs, her feelings of deep sadness and anger following the death of her mother, as well as the pure, raw emotions of holding space for loved ones during their transitions. Noelle’s honest, heartfelt stories and powerful artwork serve as a connection to those we have loved and helped us to find our own something that is bigger than ourselves. Sacred Hellos is available on 11.11.20 at

You can find Noelle’s artwork in boutiques, studios, and offices around the world. In natural health practices, Noelle and her artwork gently assist offices and studios in clearly displaying their whole health mission statements to their clients through her decor and retail offerings.

Noelle works to help others infuse creativity into their lives for both joy and problem-solving. She believes the world is a better place when we can embrace our uniqueness and help one another as we work for our dreams. She and her husband are currently converting a peacock coop into a guest bunkhouse on their property in their quaint, river town outside the Twin Cities.

Artist Statement

My mission is to capture the beauty of life through art, stories, and community; while helping others infuse creativity into their lives, and strategy to reach their dreams.

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