Chicken note cards – boxed set of 8


Bold chicken henhouse and baby chicks card set. Boxed set with 8 flat cards and envelopes.


A perfect, fun set of cards to send out for all occasions or give the entire boxed set as a gift to the chicken lover in your life.


About the note cards:

Note card set includes 8 flat cards w/ envelopes. A soft gray artwork title along the edge is the only thing on the otherwise blank backs. This set includes 1 of each design.  Rooster, Hen, Silkie Chicken, Baby chicks in both bold and neutral silhouettes.


These images feature bold abstract silhouettes of various chickens in a bold, yet neutral design. We are in the midst of our first season of raising chickens. We are absolutely loving their fun personalities. We have some that are old enough they get to spend their days walking around our yard, we also have a young batch under 3 weeks old that are still in that little chick phase. They are still spending their days with some extra warmth and protection in our workshop.


Approx. 4 x 5.5″ each. Set also includes a front card with images and card set description, ready for retail or gifts.  These cards will use a first class stamp if you use envelope. If you ship the notecard alone you will only need a postcard stamp.



Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in