Aspen’s fire starters


Firestarters by Aspen – made from reused materials.



Introducing Aspen’s fire starters.  These fire starters are made with mostly reused materials.  Each bag contains 6 fire starters.  Your choice of cinnamon, vanilla scented or unscented.


About Aspen:

Aspen is a homeschooling, 9 year old.  He decided to start this business as a way to earn money for a computer that can handle more graphics so he can put minecraft on it and start doing coding classes on it.  Since he’s got an entrepreneur momma, I was able to help him through the process and of course help him by listing his product here.  He’s done rigorous testing on them and found the firestarters to average a 12 minute burn time. This will give your other wood plenty of time to start on fire.

The safety details: These are made for by a kid, but are for adult use only. To use them you’ll pile up your firewood and kindling. Then put a fire starter under an area where the wood hangs over. Light the wick or the edge of the cardboard and let the entire thing burn through.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

unscented, Cinnamon, Vanilla