Best Seller Remembrance Ornament set – individually boxed


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Best Seller Remembrance Ornament boxed set

Set includes 33 ornaments.

4 woodland trio sets, 5 green cardinal connection, 2 Father love, 4 Mother’s love, 2 blue jay, 4 butterfly (2 pink /2 blue), 2 dragonfly, 2 hummingbird.


This listing is the boxed set, each ornament is individually boxed separately in a 4″x4″ kraft box. Ornaments are ready to give or display for retail.

Find the ornaments only set here.


About the remembrance ornaments:

Remembrance ornaments are created to honor loved ones who have passed on. When someone gives a remembrance ornament  it helps the recipient know they are seen. Pain is acknowledged, and their connection to a lost loved one is supported.  Each ornament features artwork by artist, Noelle Rollins. Artwork prints are mounted to the front of each ornament, and ornaments are strung before leaving our shop.  Each ornament comes with a small product card to help the ultimate recipient know the history, hand crafted nature, and intention for the ornament.