Cardinal appears ornament trio remembrance artisan Christmas ornaments


Artisan remembrance Christmas ornament trio featuring the artwork images from Noelle Rollins Art.




” When a cardinals appear; it’s a visitor from heaven.”  Artisan remembrance ornament set of 3.   This is a great set to get and divide up as gifts.  You’ll get all 3 ornaments when you purchase this listing.  All 3 ornaments must be shipped together to the same address to take advantage of this special.

Each will be wrapped in tissue separately or choose to get all 3 in their own 4″x4″ gift boxes.

Cardinal remembrance ornament to honor a loved one in your life who has passed.   This ornament trio makes a great gift to help bring a deceased friend of family member’s memory into future Christmases.  Ornament features a cardinals over a wintry neutral background.

Each ornament is 3.3” x 2.2” x .75  made from wood. Each features an artwork print mounted to the front, the Noelle Rollins Art logo wood burned on the back, and will arrive strung with twine.


This ornament is an extension of the Sacred Hellos artwork series.  An artwork series created to honor loved ones who have passed on and the signs we get from them. You can learn more about the Sacred Hellos Series here.

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tissue only, each in a gift box

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