Cardinal Woodland full wholesale art set


Wholesale cardinal and remembrance gifts and wall art. Partners, Protector & Nurturer Images. Prints, cards and ornaments.


Cardinal Woodland Full Set

Partners, Protector & Nurturer Images.


3 – 5×7 matted prints of each image (9 total)

4 ornaments of each image (12 total)

2 – Lg matted prints of each image  (6 total)

5 note cards of each image (15 total)

About the cardinal artwork:

Partners – Outside the window of my studio I am lucky enough to have many cardinals visit the large bird feeder each day. I love to observe them, the male will stay on the lookout nearby while the female carefully sits at the feeder to eat, then they switch places and the female watches out, protecting it’s partner while he feeds himself. It’s beautiful to see. I see the deeper meaning of a couple,
connected; working through life as a team.

Nurturer – My mind wanders and lands on a treasured memory of my mom, I’ve learned to savor these mental gifts when they arrive. In the years since her passing I think of her often. I look outside to see a beautiful female cardinal looking back at me. It sits upon the bird feeder, taking it’s time to seemingly say hello to me. For a moment it’s as if it came just for me to allow me a moment to feel a hello from my sweet mama.

Protector – A visitor with a purpose. The protector sits back while watching over the surroundings, making sure all are okay.



Most of my life I never gave “signs” much thought. That all changed after my mother passed away unexpectedly in early 2009.  The day after my mom passed,  I had a “visit” dream from her.  It was so comforting, full of love, and truly a message from her that she was alright.

From that day on I’ve noticed signs. It led me to talk with others and learn many people have been given the gift of a sign, most however don’t ever talk about  it.  Some feel they may be misunderstood, others think a sign would have to be more obvious to validate it.

Cardinal sightings, messengers, feathers, coins, butterflies, the list goes on.  When you’ve had one you know. The beautiful things about these moments; it doesn’t matter to you if others believe you. You KNOW that you know. You feel them for a moment.

The Sacred hellos series and ornaments have been created by combining meaning filled artwork and messages of hope.  In this section you can find images  available in matted and canvas prints as well as note cards. Find Sacred Hello ornaments in the ornament section.


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