Dragonfly Messenger print in choice of sizes on canvas


Dragonfly messenger artwork. Wall art to honor a loved one passed.


Dragonfly Messenger

Surrounded in a group of soulful women, we were being taught a drumming and percussion lesson. As each new piece was added to the greater song the energy grew magical. We danced and played around rooftop garden, the Minneapolis skyline in the background. Whirling above us was first one, then another beautiful, shimmering dragonflies. Their wings catching the sunlight and spreading magic as they danced to our songs. We could feel a connection to those dragonflies as we took in the gift of their visit. That experience along with a few other dragonfly visits inspired this artwork.

Detailed dragonfly over a bold background of many layers. Says, “Messenger” down the side.


Choice of sizes:

8×10″ canvas print

16×20″ canvas print



This artwork is part of the Sacred Hellos artwork series.

Have you ever received a sacred hello? A sign from a loved one passed on? A moment were you felt completely in tune with your intuition? How about a time you’ve prayed and felt the peacefulness of angels?

Cardinal sightings, messengers, feathers, coins, signs, numbers, hearts, butterflies, the list goes on. When you’ve had one you know. The beautiful things about these moments; it doesn’t matter to you if others believe you or not. You KNOW that you know that you know. You feel them for a moment.

For a moment you know they are checking in, making sure you know they are okay, it’s all good. Feel them sending love.

For years I’ve longed to create visual artwork that connected me to these events. A painting that when you look at it you are reminded of those moments, of loved ones that have passed. Of a connection to something bigger, grander and wiser than our understanding. That you and I are loved. Confirmation that our souls, our knowing, our energy continues on.


To find out more about the Sacred Hellos series visit here.

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8 x 10" canvas print, 16 x 20" canvas print