Eleven eleven ornament


Ornament featuring the artwork images from Noelle Rollins Art.



11:11 ornament (eleven eleven)

About the ornament design:

For me it happened after my mother passed away, in the years following I would find this magically inspired number everywhere. It’s often said when you see it, use it as a confirmation that you are in tune with the master purpose for your life here on Earth, a sign of connection with spirit and knowing. In this piece, the 11:11 has been peacefully, placed in the bottom right corner. The remaining artwork is filled with swirling energy in layers of teals, blues, grays and touches of golds.


Ornaments are 3” x 2.2” x .75  made from wood. Each features an artwork print mounted to the front, the Noelle Rollins Art logo wood burned on the back, and will arrive strung with twine.

Available in 3 options:

  • unboxed (ornament only),
  • boxed – ornament will be packaged in 3″ x 4″ kraft box with signature logo, includes information card.  Boxes can be used to store your ornament year after year.
  • Deluxe boxed ornament – Ornament will arrive in a generous 5×7″ black box, with information card. This boxed set is for the gift giver who likes to make a statement.


This ornament is part of the Sacred Hellos artwork series.

Have you ever received a sacred hello? A sign from a loved one passed on? A moment were you felt completely in tune with your intuition?  You can read more about my own story with signs and more about the series here.

Additional information

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Ornament choices

Ornament only, boxed ornament, Deluxe boxed ornament