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Head held highl artwork print from the crossroads artwork collection by Noelle Rollins Art


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Head held high

Caught between calm and chaos
she holds her head high…
Newly found strength, courage and
grace confidently guide her.

This is perfect for any woman who has or is facing tough times, working to overcome, make changes and just be her best self. Imagine going through a divorce and waking up each day looking at this artwork, being reminded that you can hold your head high, you can carry on. Applies to new graduates, starting new careers or after a job change, cancer or sickness diagnosis. Keep in mind for so many of life’s tough moments.

I created this artwork after a very difficult time of life. It was a reminder to myself to hold my head high, stay classy and strong.  The right side of the image is calm symbolizing the life I was moving towards, the left side is the chaos I was working to leave behind. Throughout it all, continuing on.  Finding strength, learning to trust and believe in myself all while being the woman I knew I aspired to be.


Choice of sizes:

8×10″ canvas print

16×20″ canvas print

This piece is part of the Crossroads artwork series.  Each piece features one side of calmer colors and energy, the other side full of energy, color and boldness. In between those energies are people in different life situations.

There are times in life where we are caught between the calm and the chaos. Our  relationships, bonds with others and faith in ourselves gets us through. This series captures the times in life during change, times we find out what we are made from and messages of appreciating, learning and defining them.     Learn more about the series here.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in
Print options

8 x 10" canvas print, 16 x 20" canvas print

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