Money Clarity Workshop replay


Learn to align your money with your goals and dreams!


Are you ready to align your money with what you say you really want in life?  Whether its travel, to be a stay at home mom, to start a new business, buy a car… you get the idea…. it begins with clarity.

Welcome to the no shame zone… We will confidently lay out all the pieces of our life and spending and re-align them in a way that honors our dreams!

Whether you have $10,000 to work with or $1million…. both require clarity and intention.  You are in the right place.  You can begin immediately and by the end of the day feel a true sense of connection and possibility!!


During this workshop you can:

  • get clear about our priorities
  • get ideas on how to save money
  • ideas how to bring in more money. Learn creative approaches
  • Get inspiration and encouragement on how to align your spending with your dreams and goals.



This workshop package includes the video workshop you can watch and the downloadable workbook you can print and fill out while you watch the video workshop. These tools will help you gain clarity, some creative solutions, and start building a plan!!


About the host:

Noelle Rollins is a master dreamer, artist, author, and creativity coach. She’s a unique creative who loves to approach problems in creative ways and also is obsessed with spreadsheets. In 2016 Noelle and her husband paid off over $48k in debt in under 21 months. She’ll share with us how she did it.  In 2022, Noelle and her family embarked on a 3 month long, 4 continent dream trip.  From North America, to Asia, to North Africa, to Europe; Noelle will share the exact process she used to align the family budget and income to help make this dream a reality for her and her family.