Custom colored pencil portrait artwork


Professional, hand drawn colored pencil portrait created from your photo. Heirloom quality portrait.



Custom colored pencil portrait of kids, family, grandparents, musicians, babies by American artist, Noelle Rollins.

Beautiful, high quality, professionally drawn portraits from your photos.  Heirloom quality artwork for yourself or as a gift.


What you’ll get:

  • Professional, hand drawn, colored pencil portrait on thick bristol paper.
  • Youtube video link to a video of me creating your artwork


What I need from you to help create the best portrait possible:

  • Clear photo(s)- I work from photos, so you’ll simply supply one or more clear photos for me to work from. The clearer the better.
  • If you choose to have more than one person together in a single piece of artwork you can supply a clear photo that features all subjects or you can give supply separate clear photos and we can put them together into a single picture.  See the example of 6 children peeking around trees. This started as 6 different pictures and I put together into one piece of artwork.
  • After I receive your order I will email you, you can respond to that email and send your photos.
  • I’ll work with you to determine the style of the portrait you’d like. Some questions to ask yourself: Do you want the face cropped (cut off) on the sides creating a fun whimsical portrait or do you like the more formal and regal style portraits.  Other options include zoomed out images with important surroundings, could be a musician playing with a full setup around them or a child in a field, grandma slicing vegetables or sewing with her surroundings around her, etc.

Pet portraits can now be found under this listing:


Orders of $1500 or more can be broken down into payment plans with 50% down and the rest due upon the portrait completion. Just ask and I’ll set up a listing for you that includes 2 payments.


Colored pencil portraits are a perfect medium to capture an incredibly amount of detail. You’ll love the depth of color and uniqueness of these portraits.





You can see examples of the portrait videos from the past on my youtube channel here.


Frequently asked questions:

Q) Do you draw from pictures? – A) yes. I prefer to draw from pictures.

Q) Can I have more than one person in the picture? A) Yes. Select the number of subjects you’d like to have in a single portrait. If the photo you provide shows both people then I will work to recreate that image. You can also supply two separate photos and I can put them together in one drawing.

Q) Do you draw cats or dogs? A) Yes.  I’m open to any type of pet. You can find that listing here.

Q) Do these drawings come framed? A) No, these drawings will ship out flat and will not be in a frame. If you need framing suggestions or size suggestions please ask. I have an excellent framer I work with if you would like suggestions on framing just let me know.

Q) Can I get something else drawn instead of a person or pet?   A) Yes. Recently I drew a bride’s floral bouquet from her wedding. I’ve also had people ask about a child’s favorite toy, a house or cabin portrait, old tractor, and more.  I’ve also drawn cars, shoes, and ball caps.  If you have something in mind please ask and I’ll give you a custom quote.  Thanks

Bridal bouquet drawn in an 11″x 14″ size.


If you are looking for larger sizes or special commissions beyond people portraits please message me.  I have a wide variety of drawing and painting experience in many styles. I have been formally trained in addition to 25 years of working as an artist.  I happily accept international orders.


Let me know if you have any other questions.  Thanks,


noelle rollins art

Additional information

Portrait size

8"x10", 12"x16", 18"x24", 24"x30"

Number of people in portrait

1 person, 2 people, 3 people, 4 people, 5 people, 6 people

Portrait orientation

wide, tall, artist choice