Fall portrait deposit


Get your own colored pencil portrait  created from your photo.

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This portrait listing is if you would like to put a deposit down to reserve your portrait booking when I open up a very limited number of portraits to be finished by Christmas.  I’m allowing 3 people to purchase this listing and put down a non-refundable deposit to save your spot.  In early October I will open up a limited number of portrait openings. You will be notified first before I open this listing up to the public if you have put your deposit down.  Your deposit will be put towards your remainder of the cost of the portrait that will be due when I notify you that I’m ready to begin your portrait. (I’ll notify you a week or two ahead of time to give you time to have your picture and payment ready).

What you’ll get:

  • 5″ x 7″ (or upgrade to larger size or multiple people) colored pencil portrait on thick bristol paper of a single adult or child
  • I’ll create video of me drawing your portrait and make it available on youtube.
  • For those upgrading to more than one person – you can choose to have both people together based on a photo you have featuring both, or you can give me two separate photos and we can put them together into a single picture.

I work from photos, so you’ll simply supply a clear photo for me to work from. The clearer the better.  You can purchase this deposit and then plan on finding the right photo in the coming weeks. Once I get to  your turn for your photo though I ask that you have it ready. In this case for sure by October 1st.  Thank you.

The great thing about these portraits is I’m able to capture an incredibly amount of detail.

Portrait sizes and prices:

5×7″ with single person or pet = $169

5″x7″ with 2 people or pets = $225

8″x10″ with single person or pet = $199

8″x10″ with 2 people or pets = $249

11″x14″ with single person or pet = $245

11″x14″ with 2 people or pets = $289

11″x14″ with 3 people or pets = $325



Once you put your deposit down, expect to hear from me within 48 hours with a confirmation.  Drawings will be completed during October.   Thanks If your portrait is a gift for someone please let me know and I’ll make sure not to post any previews or final results to my social medias or this website until after you’ve give your gift.   If you decide not to pursue the portrait when I get in touch in October then you will forfeit the deposit and your space and I will move on to the next person.  I will do everything I can to make sure it all works out but I know sometimes people change their minds and things so only put the deposit down if you’re sure.  Thanks

Artwork will arrive matted with backer board and in a clear protective envelope and wrapped in tissue.

Additional information

Portrait size

5" x 7" single person or pet, upgrade – 5"x7" two person/pet portrait (both subjects in one portrait), upgrade to 8"x10" portrait of 1 person or pet, upgrade to 8"x10" portrait of 2 people or pet (both people or pets will be together in one portrait), upgrade to 11"x14" portrait of 1 person/pet, upgrade to 11"x14" portrait of 2 people/pets, Portrait Deposit